Being involved with a charity like Dreamflight is truly rewarding. Realising that your efforts contribute to changing a child's life is an amazing and worthwhile experience.

I want to fundraise for Dreamflight

Fantastic! We need to raise in excess of £750,000 to make each trip happen, so your help is greatly appreciated. We have active groups across the UK, and in our events section, you will see what’s happening in your area and who to contact. Please see our fundraising pages for how to get started, or contact office@dreamflight.org.


At Dreamflight we know that our volunteers are our backbone. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Whilst Dreamflight is an annual event, the work continues year-round. If you’d like to get involved, there are many ways to go about it.


I want to help out on the Dreamflight trip

Our next trip for 192 deserving children will take place 26th October - 5th November 2019. 


Applications for the 2019 trip and are now closed but if you’d like to apply to be a Night Nurse at the Hilton Hotel London Heathrow on Saturday 26th October  - please click here to fill in our application form.  Please answer N/A to the trip related questions and add that you’re interested in the London Night Nurse role in the body of your application. (NB: Fundraising is not mandatory for this role).  It’s a special experience to look after our Very Important Children (VICs) the night before they fly out to Orlando and a great way to become part of the Dreamflight team.  The shift starts at 9:00pm Saturday 26th October and finishes 7:00am Sunday 27th October, we can make arrangements for you to rest if required before travelling home. If you’d like to know more about the role please contact the Dreamflight office by emailing us at office@dreamflight.org


  • Group Leader – Being Group Leader is a year-round role. Dreamflight has 12 Group Leaders, each responsible for an area of the UK (with support from the Dreamflight office). Group Leaders have overall responsibility for their group, from sourcing children’s nominations, helping to select and prepare children and escorts for the trip, organising pre and post-trip meetings, to leading the group for 10 days in Orlando. Group Leaders often have many years experience on the Dreamflight trip in other roles. It’s a great responsibility, but incredibly rewarding.
  • Doctor (MRCPCH qualified) – each group Doctor takes responsibility for coordinating the medical care of the 16 children in the group, as well as escorting two children themselves.
  • Nurse – Each group requires three nurses, including one Senior Nurse (the Senior Nurse must be at least Band 6). Our group nurses act as an escort to two children, as well as supporting non-medical escorts with nursing and treatment activities. The Senior Nurse also takes the lead in allocating nursing resources within the group. Dreamflight also requires nurses to ‘float’ between groups to support as required, and a team of night nurses to care for the children between the hours of 9pm-7am during the trip.
  • Physiotherapist – each group requires at least one Physiotherapist (at least Band 6), who takes the lead on Manual Handling issues, as well as supporting with physiotherapy therapies and activities within the group. Each Physio also acts as an escort for two children themselves.
  • Non-medical escort – each group requires up to three non-medical escorts, each escort taking responsibility for looking after two children on the trip (supported by our doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, depending on the children’s needs).
  • Video Crew/photographer – each group has a dedicated person (often drawn from national or freelance media companies) responsible for taking video footage of the children’s experiences to create a film as a lasting memory. However, the real work begins once we land back in the UK, when the video team member edits hours of footage into a special 90-minute ‘movie’ of their group’s trip!
  • British Airways crew – currently 20 cabin crew and three flight crew join each annual Dreamflight trip, working the flight outbound and on the return.  The crew also then join our groups in Orlando, acting as ‘pool patrol’ for our morning and evening swimming sessions, and generally supporting the children (and adults) in their group as required.
  • Support staff/entertainers – each Dreamflight trip also requires a small number of support staff, helping to do everything from manning an information desk in Orlando, collecting guests from the airport, to face-painting and co-ordinating the nightly entertainment.


I want to help at the Dreamflight Office


We welcome support before the trip and on special projects throughout the year, please contact office@dreamflight.org if this is for you.

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